Who are you?
I am a man who, through understanding key realities, has been able to achieve success both personal and financial.

How do you know so much?
Primarily, I listen to others, and I reflect often. I have also learned a great amount through living. Seeking experiences that transform ourselves and others is the best way to become a man of worth, wisdom and knowledge.

Why don’t you post on music or sports or clothes or working out?
There are plenty of sites geared toward young men in these categories.

How do you choose which sites and products you feature?
I only choose what I genuinely like. If I don’t like a product, you will know that as well.  If someone approaches me to review or feature something, I will only say good things if I like it and if it fits the purpose of the site, which is your success in intimacy.

How come you never post responses to my questions?
I receive hundreds of questions every day, and try to respond to those that will be the most engaging or unique. If you want a personal and direct response you can click here to choose the response type that works best for you.

Will you come to my party?
Yes. I charge $15000 to appear in public for up to 2 hours. I also require a room in a 4-star hotel, and plane/train tickets in business class. Email me here to arrange for an appearance.

Why do you charge for personal responses?
My experience is the culmination of hard work, risk and above all time. As you will learn, you are worth your talents, and you deserve compensation, as your compensation highlights your success.

Will you review my blog/youtube channel/product?
Yes. But for reviews I charge $150 and will feature the review on my review page for two weeks. However, for that price I will also include a 30 minute phone call to consult with you about how to get your product up to speed for the best review possible. Email me here if you want me to review your product.