Tongue, Pussy and the Whole Process

Every round of oral sex on my girlfriend is different, but it always ends with a powerful orgasm, and there are common little events along the road to that orgasm.

There are four phases in my cunnilingus approach for my woman:

  1. Pre-sex
  2. Discovery
  3. Culmination
  4. Holding


During this phase I use my hands and mouth to stimulate intimacy before stimulating sex. How does this work? Touch and kiss leas-sensitive areas, areas just outside the main erogenous zones.

Rather than going directly to the nipple, go for the sternum. Kiss the cheek very softly before you kiss the neck. Be calm and patient and show her that there is no rush. Yet let her feel your urgency increase in your own arousal, pressing your sex against her, breathing natural and aroused into your kisses.

Depending on her comfort, you will get down to her pubic area, and this is where the labia and groin pit are your entry point to starting the direct oral sex experience, which starts with what I call discovery. (While licking or suckling her labia, you can excite her more by letting your lips graze the hood of her clitoris).


This phase of oral sex is when I make first direct contact with her clitoris and clitoral hood with my tongue. As a rule I also touch her clitoris lightly before I ever lick vigorously. This is to maintain a good rhythm in sync with her sensitivity.

I call this discovery because I am listening to her breath and watching and feeling her body as I lick lightly. I only increase speed as she increases in arousal. And i try to maintain light pressure. I have written more about this in another post.

The shift from discovering to culmination happens when her upper labia begin to part on their own. I feel this happen with my tongue. The lre is a little pocket exposed just under the clitoris, and that’s when i lick more intensely. Lightening up if she is shocked, intensifying if he becomes more heightened in breath. After the right amount, she culminates in a climax.


Now this climax can be extended by light licking or briefly detouring toward the thighs or labia away from the clitoris. But once she peaks she will probably want to savor the feeling…at least my girlfriend does.


Now we have a nice routine of me penetrating her with my penis soon after her climax. But we found that she was very sensitive right after, and she had tightened so much in climax that it was slightly painful to push into her.

Now what we do is I hold her after climax. A full embrace. And she feels the after effect of the orgasm for about twenty seconds after. This creates a nice intimate moment. I take this moment to lightly lick her breasts and move to kiss her neck and cheeks again.

The End…Sort Of

It ends and I lie her back and give her multiple orgasms through a light and steady shallow penetration. The multiple orgasms are intensified because of the oral orgasms that precede penetration.

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