Tapping Orgasm – A Strangely Simple and Arousing Finger to Clitoris Touching Technique

Very simply, sometimes instead of only rubbing my girlfriend’s clitoris during touching, I sometimes gently tap the hood and the tip of the clitoris.

This is much more effective when she is already aroused, usually through breast stimulation.

Also, when tapping, I like to use her secretions to gove some lubrication. This helps the tip of my finger slide around a bit as it taps.

Depending on her sensitivity, you will want to be careful not to tap too hard.

While I don’t have this problem, if she takes a while to come through licking her clitoris, you maybe be able to speed up her oral orgasm if you prep her through this tapping method.

Also try inserting a finger and lightly tapping the g-spot while another finger taps her clitoris.

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