My Girlfriend and I Tried Nipple Clamps

Just a Little Anectdote About Nipple Clamps 


Our Sex Routines

My girlfriend and I have honed our sex lives down to those things that we love to do.

Here is a list of some of those things:


Why Nipple Clamps?

We aren’t really into pain, but we are into feeling good during sex using intimate means.  Using devices such as nipple clamps allows us to increase that intimacy through the intimacy of vulnerability.  Every once in a while, we add something to the mix.  In this case, we purchased some nipple clamps.

  • My girlfriend’s nipples are extra sensitive
  • She likes light pressure or light biting on her nipples
  • We wanted a way to stimulate her nipples while my hands or mouth travelled elsewhere

The Process

  1. Before putting them on I licked and touched her nipples for about 10 minutes.  I also stimulated her g-spot, but very lightly, not to the point of intensity.
  2. To keep things going, I had her touch herself lightly while I put them on at the most open position that could still hold on its own.
  3. I licked on her nipples in this position while she still touched herself.
  4. I tightened them slightly more then licked her nipples again.
  5. It was on the third tightening that we found what was ideal for her.
  6. From there I moved to give her oral sex, and while often during oral sex I stimulate her breasts, this time I was able to stimulate her g-spot while her nipples were being stimulated by the clamps.

The Results

  • It seems that the consistent pressure wasa plus for her; she really went into another space sexually
  • The nipple clamps are definitely a great addition to our intimacy
  • They taught me about consistent pressure
  • They made us closer through trying something we were totally unsure of




2 thoughts on “My Girlfriend and I Tried Nipple Clamps

  1. Great post! I always recommend trying new things to spice up your sex life, and nipple clamps are a great addition!

  2. Yes, and I think we differentiate between spicing up and becoming more vulnerable. Though they may look the same, our love life has been on fire because of intimacy, so these extra opportunities for intimacy via new experience and new intimacy are awesome.

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