From Breast Massage to Mutual Masturbation – A Short Technique

A Short Step-by-Step On A Great Mutual Masturbation Technique

massage to mutual

It Started So Sweetly

While I never advocate positions over intimacy, I still think some sexual approaches need regular insertion into your sex routine.  The main reason is that she is not always in the mood for penetration, though she still wants intimacy.  This may lead you to oral sex for her, oral sex for you, touching her sexually, or touching her tantrically.

The other day I gave my girlfriend a back massage as described here.  This eventually led to me giving her a breast massage.   During breast massage, you lightly massage the breast area, avoiding the nipples (until you are ready to be sensual).

Eventually, through this intimate and attentive approach, I found her masturbating in front of the mirror.  Not only is this hot, it can also lead to you getting more sexual after. Here’s how it worked.

The Process

  1. Sit behind her, and have her sit spread, facing a mirror.
  2. Spread massage oil on your hands and begin massaging her breasts, avoiding the nipples. Use light pressure on the tissue of the breast, the meaty parts of the sternum, and up to the shoulders.
  3. As she becomes more aroused, lightly brush the nipples every once and a while.
  4. Eventually she should be very aroused, but you are still focusing more on her breasts and chest muscle massage than her nipples.
  5. Kiss the back of her neck.
  6. Move to her ear and whisper to her about how she looks to you.
  7. As she becomes more aroused, tell her you want her to touch herself.
  8. Once she begins touching herself, start rubbing her nipples.  Because of the massage oil, you can rub them pretty vigorously without chaffing her.

Don’t forget: Add more massage oil as necessary.

2 thoughts on “From Breast Massage to Mutual Masturbation – A Short Technique

  1. Thankyou. I will try that. Ot sounds like a beautiful way to move from low arousal to a lovely place

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