Stronger Clitoral Orgasm – Combine Lick and Touch

A Simple Technique

I Discovered Foreplay Gold

This is just a technique I tried the other day, and it worked beyond anything I expected. It technically could work with any pair of approaches that can be done at once, but I used licking and touching.

The Process

After an intimate exchange, I was kissing on my girlfriend’s breasts, and she asked if she could masturbate. So I suggested I masturbate her so she could relax.

  1. I started with my simple clitoral stimulation technique.
  2. At the same time I wanted to be closer, to taste her and move her to greater pleasure. So I decided to eat her out.
  3. Not wanting to break the great build-up that had started by touching her clitoris, I continued rubbing the hood of the clitoris while licking around the clitoris itself.
  4. After she was hyper aroused, I used my tongue to flick quickly yet lightly on her clitoris continuing the rubbing of the hood.
  5. Eventually I could lick her labia and groin pit and go back to the clitoris while maintaining the finger movements.

In her words she felt “sometimes two stimulations at once, sometimes one powerful stimulation.” And she had one of the most intense orgasms I have seen her have to date.

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