Last Longer in Bed – Breathe Through Your Orgasm

Give Her More Intimacy and Come Harder – Win-Win

Disclaimer: In my philosophy, you do not want to last longer to prove to be a bad ass in bed.  This is part of the misconception that many men have about being good in bed.


The Process

To last longer in bed, you need to practice.  Practice with your woman, but let her know you are practicing, or practice during masturbation.  While I think frequent masturbation interrupts a great and intimate sex life, if you are practicing the following process, masturbation is more of an exercise than a release of semen and energy.

  1. Either during sex or during masturbation, right before coming, either pull out from her vagina or remove your hand.
  2. Clinch your sphincter to stop the flow of semen.  This has to be done with a certain type of timing that you can try to approximate your first few times.
  3. While clinching, flex your stomach and breathe deeply in and out through your nose.
  4. The semen may drip a little, but you want to breathe through the orgasm as much as possible.
  5. Once the orgasm has subsided, begin stimulation again, and repeat the process.

The Routine

To begin with I recommend trying this for two or three rounds and not letting yourself orgasm.  You will be filled with a lot of energy.  Give your woman another round of foreplay, or oral sex.  Then go back to the penetration when she is ready, and try it again.  Eventually you will get to the point in which your orgasm has to happen, and you will have a powerful orgasm.  If you are masturbating and practicing this, go exercise or create something rather than coming.

After good practice, it will be natural to breathe through your orgasm with less and less effort, giving her more time to feel you close to her.

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