Hot, Steamy Tea – My Herbal Concoction for Better Sex

Hot Tea for Awesome Sex


Every morning I have a hot tea that is made to maintain my sexual health.

Well, I am lying if I say this is completely my concoction.  I really got this idea from a brilliant wild man and herbalist named  Brian Hornbeck.  After consulting with him, and researching on my own, I have found the mix that is right for me.

The Recipe

Mix all of this in a ziploc bag, then add it a teaspoon of the mixture to a cup or two of hot green tea.

Here is the recipe:

  • 1 part astragalus powder
  • 1 part schisandra berry
  • 1 part wolf berry
  • 1 part American ginseng
  • 1 part Chinese hawthorn berry
  • 1 part fo ti
  • 1/2 part yohimbe (only on weekends…yohimbe is super strong and can make you sweat or shake if you take too much, and you don’t need it while at work)

You can look up the properties of these herbs on

Where to Get It?

I used to purchase all of my chinese herbs at a chinese herb store.  And while this is awesome, it is hard to store these herbs for long periods of time. So I get mine powdered from Amazon from this company called (this is not an ad).

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