Licking Her Body – A Quick Tutorial

Do You Lick Her Often Enough?


Don’t underestimate the importance of licking. Licking is such an obvious foreplay technique that we often overlook its possibilities. By far, licking is one of the most sensual and sensitive acts you can perform on your woman.

Here are some considerations you may not have thought of when licking:

The Process

Licking should usually come after kissing. Each type of lick will have a different effect

  1. Begin with your lips closed and the tongue peeking out.
  2. Lick soft spots softly at first, and hard spots (like the bones) even more softly.
  3. After she is aroused choose to use more saliva, stay in one spot, flick the tongue, or lick with the whole tongue.
  4. Alternate between two types of licks per body part, but alternate after giving a good 3-5 minutes on each body part you choose.

The List of Licking Spots

While you may know about licking her (it’s very simple), use my list here to remind you of all of the possibilities. Try two or three a day.

These areas will definitely get your lover warmed up for foreplay, oral sex, or anything else.

  • jawline
  • armpit
  • groin pit
  • labia majora
  • labia minora
  • just above the butt crack
  • the small of the back
  • the corner of the mouth
  • between lip and nose
  • the belly
  • between the fingers
  • the entrance to the vagina
  • her inner thigh
  • the nape of her neck
  • her tongue
  • her thigh from knee to hip
  • her fingertips
  • around her anus (see if she is ok with it!)
  • her perineum
  • her toes (if she lets you!)
  • her butt cheek
  • her nipples
  • her clavicle
  • her ear lobe
  • her areola

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