Foreplay Goals – Sex for Hours

Great Sex = Great Foreplay

foreplay rules

For some reason or another, I decided at some point to give my girlfriend foreplay every single time we became intimate.  Whether in my bedroom, in a hotel room, in the car or on a hike, my foreplay begins every session of sexual intimacy.

I have distilled these rules for you as a quick guide.

1.  As a man, foreplay is something you must always give.

While it is very arousing for your woman to give you a little handjob, blowjob, or intimate licking before the act, it is absolutely key that you always give her some sort of foreplay.

2.  You can never give too much foreplay.

While the male sexual experience is based on the culmination ejaculation, the female sexual experience happens in the sustained intimacy.  Whether raw and wild, or slow and sensual, your surest way of sustaining her feelings of intimacy and closeness (and eventually orgasm) is through attentive foreplay.

3.  Foreplay should start before you are in a sexual space.

Women think far more than us.  Their minds are operating on so many levels, it is a miracle we can bring them to think about sex.  That miracle, however, happens through slowly moving their thoughts toward those intimate moments.  One way is through sensual texting, but you can also do this in simple gestures such as kissing her on the back of the neck while walking down the street, whispering to her in line at the store that you want her or caressing her in the car on the way home.

4. Foreplay should make her come first.

She won’t ditch you if your foreplay doesn’t make her come, but she will definitely appreciate it.  We men can come whenever and wherever.  Coming is imminent, so you don’t need to fret about her being finished before you.  Make her come by licking her or by touching her or however, but make her come before anything else.  If you are good at containing yourself, you can make her come again during sex, and even again.

5. Don’t use the same type of foreplay each time.

Most importantly, be attentive to her mood and mode.  If she is stressed out, ease her into things.  If she is insecure with her body, show her that you want her bad.  If she is aroused, be more provocative. Learn to study her. Vary the techniques you use, but also vary your emotional approach.

3 thoughts on “Foreplay Goals – Sex for Hours

  1. Reblogged this on Unleashing the Cougar! and commented:
    OK let’s rename ‘foreplay’ sex so we can all relax and forget about the ‘main game’ of penetration! The main game is sexual intimacy and pleasure. It’s connection and stimulation, arousal through words, touch and emotion. We don’t need to be ‘in love’, but to have good sex we need respect, empathy and joy in touch. This article is one of many I have just discovered and I absolutely love it. Go the advice for men to woo women! Go the guy who says that men can come anywhere, any time, but that women need a bit of special attention – starting with the right attitude. Read on if you dare.

  2. Thank you so much for the validation, the kind words, the raising up. I am so happy that the message is heard.

    Thanks for the reblog, and I wish you the best!

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