Vaginal Orgasm with Deep Penetration – Advice on More Than the Tip

To Go Deep or Not to Go Deep






As guys, our friends and porn images would have us thinking that deep penetration is the ultimate experience for a woman. I have already described here that this is not entirely the case.

However, there is some truth in the claim of pleasure in deep penetration if you consider the mysteries of the cervical orgasm. I have experienced this with my girlfriend, and it really has an amazing, unique feeling, she says, compared to the othertypesof orgasms we experience.

Are You Long Enough to Call it Deep?

The real concern many men have is whether or not they are long enough to go deep. Lucky you: The science says yes: that the average vagina depth is only 4.75 inches, and that such a depth is in a state of arousal.  Given that the average erect penis is just over five inches, then you have a good chance of getting there.  (If not, you can still focus on the more shallow approach.)

So Now That We Know You Can – How?

First of all, it seems the question of deep penetration from the perspective of a woman has more to do with questions of discomfort than size. In that respect, my inquiries have leaned more toward someone being too big as the problem, if there is a problem at all.

The first few times I went deep on my girlfriend, she seemed into it. After a few times she told me she felt vulnerable and intimate (that is a good think), but that it hurt a little.

So I developed this simple yet deep routine that can be followed by men of all sizes.

The Process

  1. Always, always, always give her some good, warm, arousing foreplay.
  2. If she is comfortable with it, give her a good orgasm first with some oral sex or some touching or both!
  3. When you first penetrate, focus on the g-spot in short, repetitive movements.
  4. When her vagina is contracting, slowly but directly push further in.  You should be about half-way in.
  5. Repeat the short, repetitive movements at this mid-way depth.
  6. She should contract again.  You can give her more intensity by lightly playing with her nipples with your tongue, lips, or very lightly with your fingers.
  7. Repeat step four.  By this point you should be all the way in.
  8. Again, short repetitive movements when you are all the way it.  It might even feel like your tip is rubbing against something.  This is her cervix.

If you push too hard, you may hurt her.  But if you move just slightly and repetitively, you will give her a distinct and blissful cervical orgasm.

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