Relationship Goals: To Make Her Happy, Be Attentive

Some Simple Ideas for Intimacy

To be attentive is the holy grail of a good relationship.  Attentiveness is about the simple things. Anticipate her needs and wants, and pay attention to her likes and dislikes.  Show her she is important and a priority.  Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Study her body and let her know you appreciate it.  Kiss on those parts and make her feel like you would have no other type of body in front of you. See my post about the belly, for instance.
  • Simple, but effective: fill up her glass of water at dinner, or have the waiter do it.
  • If she likes you to text her good night every night, then make sure to text her good night every night. (If you want to get it sensual, try this technique.)
  • Make your meals in honor of her. If you eat breakfast every morning, and she loves fresh squeezed orange juice, then damn it, buy the best juicer you can afford and get to work. These types of purchases aren’t wasted.
  • Take her car to get washed and gassed up while she is sleeping.
  • Buy her flowers every week, but ones that fit what she likes.  If she likes romance, get the deepest of red roses.  If she likes simple, sweet things, get simple sweet flowers. (try Trader Joe’s for good, cheap flowers).
  • Carry things for her.
  • Write her short poetic things, or go and find some from famous poets.  Start here with Pablo Neruda.
  • When you think about her in your spare time, let her know you are thinking about her, and tell her what you were thinking.
  • Open the damn door for her.
  • Give her regular massage.  I wrote a post on the most basic way to approach this.
  • Learn her love language through this test, and really go out of your element to attend to her love language.

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