Using Relaxing Massage to Get Sensual

Before Fucking, Try a Nice Relaxing Massage

Relax First, then Arouse

While most people suck at massage, and others skip straight to sensual massage, I think it is well worth the time of a man to learn a super basic massage technique to get his woman relaxed and comfortable before making love to her.

The key—in my experience—is to give a relaxing massage before sensual touching or sensual massage. Not only will she appreciate this after a stressful day, but building up intimate tension from relaxation to arousal is an amazing process.

The Process

Often “massage is given with the fingertips or palm of the hand. This can be ineffective and painful. Good massage uses a different approach.

  1. Have her lie on her stomach with no shirt on. Try to have her remove the bra as well. Hell, if she can be completely naked even better.
  2. Put a bit of massage oil on your hand. Rub your hands to warm the oil a bit.
  3. Use the fat part of the side of your palm under the pinky to start massaging either side of the spine. Do not massage bones, rather the muscles and tendons between bones. Thus, do not massage across the spine. [This is a VERY rudimentary—yet effective—massage technique.]
  4. Bring this up to the spot between shoulder and neck and check with her on pressure.
  5. Massage up and down, all the way down to the kidney area. Focus on her areas of tension. Massage both sides in this way.
  6. You can also use the part of the palm under the thumb, the little fat pad you have there. I like to alternate.

How to Move it to a Sexual Space

After she is relaxed, usually about ten minutes into the rubbing, start alternating your approach. Add these techniques:

  • Rub as indicated above, then, with light but firm pressure carress the area by her ribs with open hands. Bring your hands to brush the side of her breasts.
  • Straddle her butt with light shorts or underwear on so she can feel your penis against her. Keep up the good massage, but allow for the intimate contact that shows her she arouses you.
  • Straddle her butt naked. This is just like above idea, but more sensual. Again, to add build-up, focus on the massage in spite of your arousal until it is time to be sensual.
  • Throw in soft kisses on her back and the nape of her neck.
  • Give her a chest massage at the end. Only massage her sternum and around her breasts, but gradually brush her areolae and nipples.

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