Vaginal Orgasms – You Only Need 3 Inches

The Vaginal Orgasm is Within Reach


Don’t Worry About Size

The g-spot is placed so close to the vaginal opening, that you can give her a vaginal orgasm with only two to four inches of penetration.

The vaginal orgasm requires optimal relaxation and arousal.  This leads many couples to think they can’t achieve it.  When you add penis length to the equation, there are a good amount of men out there, trained by the porn media, who think that it is only through deep pounding that a woman comes.

The Process

In some instances, I have made my woman come through deep pounding, but this was after a lot of foreplay, and after this groundbreaking technique; something I call: shallow rubbing.

  1. After she is ready and willing to let you penetrate her, and I would even say after oral sex, stick your penis in, but only two or three inches.  On a six to eight inch erection, this will be a little past “the tip”.
  2. Use your abdominal muscles and hips to control your movements into a shallow in-and-out rubbing.  Don’t let the penis leave the vagina, and down let it penetrate beyond this shallow measure.
  3. Increase the velocity to match her breathing.
  4. You will begin to feel the vagina contract.  Keep it up, and don’t lose your cool.  Just keep moving in and out in a very shallow motion.
  5. She may or may not let you know she came, but the contraction will very tight and it will hold onto the section of the penis that you are using.

Try this multiple times, and once you two have accomplished the orgasm, try to extend the length of time of her orgasm.

P.S. Think About This

  • This technique implies even a shorter erect penis can bring a woman to vaginal orgasm
  • This technique also implies that with even a flaccid on can stimulate a gspot to orgasm, allowing her to orgasm (even if you finished early because she excited you too much).

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