Build Intimacy – Kiss Her Belly

The Long Neglected, Ultra-Erotic Belly


The Underrated Esteem and Sensation Booster

If you want to make your lover feel good about herself, and you want to add some erogenous support, kiss on her belly.

The belly is a highly underrated erotic area, but a great starting place for intimacy.

Why Kissing On Her Belly is a Good Idea

  • It is a sensitive area with multiple sensations available
  • If she is thinking about her weight, it will show you find her sexy
  • It is very close to her pelvis, which is closer to her vulva
  • It’s contours offer many combinations of kissing surfaces
  • It is half-way in-between breasts and clitoris

The Process

The area we call the belly is a great area for kissing because you can go in any direction, and you can change the sensation depending on the area you are kissing.  This allows for great tension build-up during foreplay.

  1. Start lightly on her solar-plexus or the lower part of her abdomen.
  2. Move lightly toward the belly button for a very heightened sensation
  3. Her hipbones are a great next step…not as arousing as belly button, but very intimate
  4. Kiss along her midsection often
  5. After a few minutes of this, start letting your tongue graze the same areas
  6. If it seems natural, feel free to bring the tongue and lips to her pelvic and pubic areas, then go back up to the stomach
  7. For added intimacy caress her butt and hips during the kissing
  8. This can lead tosome awesome cunnilingus.

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