7 Intimate Ways to Have Sex

It’s Not the Positions, It’s the Intimacy You Build


A Challenge:

Create an experience for your lover.

This list of seven sex approaches will infuse intimacy into your sex.

Rather than list positions and novelties that will lose their flair after a while, try approaching sex with different mindsets that expand your intimacy.

  • Not So Fast: Attempt a sex during which your entire goal is to make her come before she even gets close to your penis.
  • The Lovers’ Staring Contest: Try to have sex without breaking eye contact.
  • Backwards Make-Out: You may only kiss the back side of her body (hint…focus on the back of the neck).
  • Follow the Hand: Have her touch herself, breasts, clitoris, everything, while you lick on her fingers, knuckles and hands.  Follow her hands around her body.
  • Mirror, Mirror: You are both naked in front of a large mirror.  Sit behind her, spread her legs, and lightly caress her erogenous zones until she can’t stand it anymore, and go for about 10 minutes beyond that. She should be watching you and herself the whole time.  Or try an approach in which she touches herself.
  • Anatomy of a Woman: Kiss and lick her body with the purpose of describing, in great detail, exactly what you are doing to each part of her body.  This also implies getting to know her body parts.  (Studying body parts will also help you with sexting her in a more intimate way.)
  • Stay Still: After entering her, stay in her, fully penetrating, without moving.  Pay attention to the feeling of being inside her, and describe it to her.  If you must move, do it as slowly as possible, and pause for as long as you can.

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