How to Touch Her … Down There

A Very Simple Technique for Clitoral Orgasm


Clitoris Massage Technique Basics

Naturally, a make-out session turns into fingers and hands on her sex parts.

Your brain wants to go one direction: rubbing, jabbing, darting, pounding, etc.

Get out of your head and touch her like she touches herself.

As you may know, the porn industry wants you pounding into her with every hard stick-like part of your body.  But your first and best use of your finger has nothing to do with banging anything.  Here’s how to use your finger on her clitoris in the most arousing way possible.

The Process

If you ever get to watch your lover touch herself, she keeps the lightest touch on her clitoris.  She either uses the hood of the clitoris to rub on it, or she uses her own wetness.

  1. As always, make-out with her a bit, and use your hands to inch down to her vulva.
  2. It is best to take off her pants and underwear.  If that is not possible, at least unbutton and unzip the pants to give your hand space to give light touch.
  3. Feel along the opening of her vaginal area.  These are the labium.  The fissure between them should already be wet, or it should gradually dampen.
  4. Use the wetness, the secretions, to make the entire top portion of her vulva wet.  This is where you find the clitorisThe clitoris is so sensitive that touching it directly may be too much.  Using her wetness will essentially lube-up the clitoris and reduce the over-intense sensitivity.
  5. Keep your finger moving in a steady circle just barely touching on and around her clitoris.  Keep up the pace for as long as your concentration allows, and a little longer.


Eventually she should come through this technique.  You can enhance it by sucking on her nipples or kissing her lips lightly while looking into her eyes. If you master this approach with the lightness and consistency I describe, it is possible to have her come over very, very long periods of time.

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