How to Really Go Down on A Girl

Try This Oral Sex Technique Tonight

Simple, Repetitive Licking

Unfortunately the porn industry has you thinking you need to lap at a girl’s part the way a dog drinks water.

Stop doing that. There’s a reason she keeps asking you to fuck her in the middle of going down on her, and that reason is because that way of lapping up of her vulnerable area is getting both of you nowhere. If you do it right, she’ll have an orgasm or four before asking you to come to her, and she’ll hold you like a baby after.

The Process

Ideally, you would make out with her first. And then approach foreplay with the right mindset.

Then follow these steps:

  1. First lick lightly on her thighs, mons pubis and labium. Basically, all around her part except for the clitoris area.
  2. Once she is moving around sensually, begin making a very light circle with your tongue around her clitoral hood. Try to avoid contact with the clitoris.
  3. When she becomes more wet and opens her legs, or when she moans and touches your head, begin making a smaller circle even more lightly with your tongue around her clitoris. Still avoid direct contact.
  4. She will begin breathing deeply. Take this as a cue to make designs on her clitoris with your tongue, flick with your tongue, write the alphabet or a love letter with your tongue, etc.
  5. With enough time she will come.

**If she says it is too sensitive, go back to light circles, and be as light as possible. She can come through this very light approach, though it may take a while.

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