Touching Her Body – Making Her Float

My Girlfriend Said She Felt Like She Was on a Cloud


Here is a little process I go through with my girlfriend, who is also my lover.

She describes the impact feeling like “I am on a cloud, and I am floating in waves.”

I don’t know what’s going on, and some might call this tantric massage or touch.


But basically, I lie her down, naked, and I move my hands on her very lightly.  It’s almost as if my goal is to to come as close to touching her as possible without actually touching her, and because I am not perfect, I end up touching her, and this increases her sensuallly heightened sensations.

If you are clumsy, then this is for you, because just practicing the self control required for this kind of touch will get you results with her (and remember, my primary outcome is intimacy…you might come in the process…but it is an intimate process).


  1. Lie her on her back, naked.
  2. Start somewhere—anywhere—on her body, and lightly trace a trail with your hands that moves from your original point, to her thighs, then up her stomach to her sternum…just in between her breasts, and back to the point of origin.
  3. Repeat this, very lightly.
  4. As you repeat, pay special attention to when you actually caress her primary erogenous zones (pubic mound, nipples, et al.).  Try to avoid direct contact with these areas (this causes a bit of anticipation, but more importantly, it keeps the arousal at a flowing pace rather than the extra heightened arousal of direct erogenous contact).
  5. Repeat this multiple times.  As she becomes more aroused, kiss her body lightly.  Initially, just try kissing the areas that your hands just moved away from.
  6. Repeated this multiple times.  She will eventually come into the “cloud” state.

Make Sure to Be Patient

The key, however, is to be patient.  We are societally programmed to go for direct, intense arousal at all times.  The kind of touch I am describing here, however, is a light, gradual, and tempered stream of arousal.  Your challenge and accomplishment is seeing how long you can maintain her in such an intimate state.

Where Can You Go from There?

If at any point you want to bring her into a more traditional arousal, then continue the process of these repetitive patterns, but be sure to brush the clitoral hood and the tips of the nipples.

Either way, the repetitive patterns of light touch are a great way to create a unique, intimate space with your lover.  Try changing the patterns every time, including the starting point and the regions that are traced in the course of the touching pattern.

And don’t stop exploring.

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