Sexy Texting, Not Just Sexting

Sext: Focus on a Body Part that is not Often Sexualized


Your girl wanting to feel sexy means something very clearly: you are not doing enough to make her feel sexy.  And it doesn’t take much to give her that tingle, if you give the right kind of attention.

To make her feel sexy, use your words.

You first need to accept these two precepts:

  1. Men are typically visually stimulated, while women are typically stimulated by feelings. This is explained in this article from Psychology Today.
  2. You have to personalize your sext, and I recommend using body parts that aren’t often sexualized.

Use Words to Move Her

I would suggest you text her, first of all, rather than say sexual things into the phone.  This is similar to relaxing her with a good muscle massage before a sensual massage.

Texting allows you to make her feel sexy before you are an intimate space, which makes your intimate time far more anticipated.

The Process


  1. Think of a normal body part (e.g. ribs, clavicle, sternum, shoulder blade)
  2. Out of the blue, and I mean completely randomly, text her something about kissing, touching, or observing this body part.  (You must be genuine.  If you have not paid attention to the body part, then study it for a bit before you start sexualizing it.  Making it personal means really knowing it.)
  3. From there describe what you would do after kissing, touching or observing the body part.

You see, the key is that as a man you most likely focus a lot of attention on her ass, breasts and hips, maybe even her lips.  But she wants to feel entirely sexy, even in the elbow, even in the spinal column.  She wants to turn you on with the entirety of her being.

Every one of her body parts can turn you on.

And they will turn you on the more you contemplate them, study them, and start sexualizing them.  This attentiveness will, in turn, make her feel sexy.  From there you develop further intimacy.



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