Sex Ideas By Request: My Recent Tweets

You asked for it…My Most Recent TweetsTweet

  • Why so many bloggers dedicated to female sensuality and almost none dedicated to male sensuality?
  • The first kiss of any relationship is a seed of intimacy. The last kiss you ever gave is an indicator of the level of intimacy you have maintained with your lover.
  • Instead of a cigarette after sex, kiss her face and neck. Then have a beer with together in your underwear and make love again.
  • The adolescent mind is fully developed at 24 years old. From 24-29 we can get a lot of work in to make our 30s outstanding. Fuck better, young people.
  • Who is teaching young men to fuck intimately? Who is teaching young women to expect high levels of attentiveness in bed?
  • Train them in their twenties to be intimacy experts in their thirties.
  • Sexting advice: use positive descriptions of her erogenous zones. For example, don’t just call it a nipple. Call it “your nipple…with its firm succulence…”
  • She should get at least 5 orgasms for every 1 of yours.
  • The male orgasm is a constant. Men should seek to give their female partners the same experience.
  • Without intimacy, your penetration is just *thud* *thud* *thud*.
  • Make love with mouth and hands as much as with the rest of the body.
  • Sexual Positions vs. Sexual Moves
  • Make experiences for your lover that are unique, thoughtful, and can be done away with in the morning. Doing away with them allows space to create new experiences.
  • Success, wholeness and intimacy are the highest expressions of achievement.
  • Seduction vs. Intimacy
  • Men want aroused women. Women want intimacy. Why so much mediocre lovemaking?
  • Can good sex lead to success?
  • The biggest eye opener 15 years ago was discovering that what I thought was good sex was completely different from what she thought was good sex. It never happened again.
  • I am not afraid to make love while fucking.

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