OK to Great Sex: Change How You Make Out

Making Out is the Gateway to Amazing Sex

Couple Under Cover

How to Make Out in a Way That Makes Her Want to Hand Herself Over to You Urgently and with Purpose

If we are talking sex (and we are) then the key to leading up to sex is increased and sustained intimacy.

How Most People Have Sex

I assume when you think of normal sex you imagine something like:

  1. Make-out
  2. Take off clothes
  3. Penetrate
  4. You come, she might or might not

This, I am finding, is normal sex for most people.  And for most people, the only thing that changes is that the guy pounds into her more, or they change positions, or both.  While pounding has its place, and positions are different ways to reach a similar outcome, I would say change the details of your process,especially the way you kiss.

Here is how I recommend making out to full intimacy.

The Process

When making out, notice her breath.  It will increase with her arousal.  Keep kissing her.

  1. When she is aroused, notice her eyes.  They will begin to narrow, and she will look slightly more relaxed or focused.  Either way, you will notice a shift in the resting state of her eyes.
  2. Once you feel she is aroused through the kissing, take a little bit of intitiative and begin kissing her jaw.  Then go back to her mouth.  Repeat this a few times, lightly, with light lips.  And if you use tongue, keep it light.  But always return to her lips.
  3. Put your hand on her waist just between the shirt and the bottom she is wearing.  Caress up her back and slightly down around her hip.
  4. Eventually increase the length of your caresses until you reach her breast up top, and her butt below.
  5. You should be kissing her this whole time, so keep up the jaw kisses, and extend them to the neck.  But keep going back to the lips.

Step 2 of the Process

By this point you have aroused her like no other, and you haven’t even gotten to step two of your original routine.

  1. Once she is breathing heavily, and kissing you harder, or giving up that tense hold she always has on her self, start moving her shirt up and kiss her ribs and belly.  Then go back to the mouth.
  2. Your hands should now be touching skin and bra.  Still moving up and down, lightly.  Not grabbing her breasts all savagely, and not rubbing on her.  You want to caress.
  3. Once her shirt and bra are off, the rest is up to you.  But if you need more ideas, check out this post on kissing her belly or this one on some must-dos for foreplay.

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