About AJ Rum



Dear Reader,

AJ Rum is a man. AJ Rum is an advice magazine. I am AJ Rum.

AJ Rum is about sex,women and purpose for men and their women.


  1. Attentiveness and better fucking lead to intimacy.
  2. Intimacy leads to better relationships.
  3. Better relationships lead to success.


Whether you are already a sweet guy and want to keep your girlfriend satisfied in bed, or you feel like you can’t do everything right, there is one thing every woman wants: intimacy.

It’s the intimacy you are most likely missing that keeps you productive, great in bed, satisfied, healthy and focused on your purpose.


Ok, ok. So your girlfriend screams in bed. She claws at you. She comes when you lick her. I believe you are on the right track.  But I offer more. There is a way to connect with your woman. I share that way with you, always with some practical advice for relationships, sex, purpose, and above all, intimacy.

This is the art intimacy, of fucking well and making love. It’s the art of loving and fucking better.  It’s the art of innovating your approach to relationships and sex so as to achieve maximum intimacy.

Call to Action

Ask your girlfriend if this shit is true.  Better yet, try it out on her and see what becomes of her and your relationship.

I admire you.  For all of your potential.  Now let’s remove the anxiety about what the fuck to do with your woman in and out of bed.

AJ Rum

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