Improve Foreplay – Your Sex Mindset

How can I improve my foreplay?

Victory is yours.  Especially because you are about to embark on a world of discovery.  In one sentence, I would say the common understanding of foreplay is:

The actions that arouse the woman before penetration.

A New Understanding of Foreplay

But I want to turn your idea—and the common understanding of foreplay—around. I want to change your mindset about foreplay.

To improve foreplay, use this approach: centralize foreplay.  Rather than wonder how you can “warm her up” before you jump in, I suggest you wonder how you can make love to her before penetration is necessary.  This is true foreplay.  And in doing that, I want you to discover her body, as it is. This is also true foreplay.  You, as a man, will come either way.  And serendipitously, the longer you wait to come, the better it feels.  So focus on her arousal as the object of your desire, and watch your own arousal have its own field day.  It’s almost like foreplay is really the central attraction, and in that sense, she will feel like your foreplay makes her the central attraction.

Women Differ

Now, with women, no one body is alike. Thus, foreplay may be slightly different (or greatly different) with each woman. While there are slight rules that govern the female arousal system, each woman’s experience is different because she has different emotions tied to each action you perform on her.  So in foreplay, you want to improve identifying what works for her.  For instance, one woman may have been hugged a lot, and needs hugs as a primary pre-foreplay.  Another woman may be insecure about the way her body looks on the lower end, and you may need to show her that you are aroused by it.

The Process

In any case, I suggest you follow these steps:

  1.  Understand what makes a woman aroused, and visit this youtube channel for some key information.
  2. Arouse her to climax.  Maybe multiple times.
  3. Begin the penetrative sex, and learn how to make her climax here, too. Ideally, you use short, staccato motions rather than deep thrusts, at least at the beginning.  I learned this on my own, but corroborated by reading this book.  And learn to control your own orgasm.  I learned years ago from this from this guy and he is still 100% correct.

Foreplay = Attention

All in all, the idea is to give her as much attention and pleasure as possible.  I don’t recommend foreplay as much as I recommend being attentive and dedicated to her pleasure.  This will take care of the foreplay question.

Contemplate her.  Make her the object of your discovery.

Your attentiveness in sex is the most impactful type of attentiveness you can pay to a woman.  While you should be attentive even in grocery shopping for her and keeping her comfortable, the sexual attention you pay to her gives you the most dividends.  It may be the hardest to accomplish, but it is a wonderful and fun road of intimacy.

Go make it happen.

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